It is difficult to imagine a future, closer and closer, in which all human beings do not have their own genetic analysis. This is highly valuable information that offers a multitude of applications and health benefits. That is why at tellmeGen™ we understand this information as a right and not as a privilege. Thus, our fundamental objective is to deliver in an easy, simple and accessible way to the greatest possible number of people, all their updated genetic information.


Knowing the genetic risk to develop diseases makes the genetic test the most valuable prevention tool that we have ever had before. For the first time we have the opportunity to anticipate the possible occurrence of diseases to prevent their development.


Providing the information on your map to your trusted doctor, you can help him in the diagnosis of diseases, as well as finding the best treatment available for you in each case.


Your genetics is the basis of who and how you are. Why certain things don’t suit you or why you probably don’t develop a certain disease. Your genetic analysis gives you so much information about yourself that one of the most common conclusions after receiving the document is that your results allow you to get to know yourself as you would never have imagined.


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