Anemia in pregnancy is a global health problem and normally can occurs in up to one third of women during the 3rd trimester. While some degree of anemia is part of normal pregnancy physiology, iron deficiency anaemia can have serious adverse health consequences for the mother and child, since increases the risk of having a low birth weight, premature birth, maternal mortality, postpartum depression, and in some cases increases the risk of death of the infant, immediately before or after the birth.

The treatment of choice for iron deficiency anaemia in pregnancy involves the administration of drugs or food supplements based on oral iron and folic acid, that is the reason that we developed FortiFerrum®P an innovative and effective iron supplement specially formulated with folic acid, fiber and vitamins suitable for iron and/or folic acid deficiency states, especially in situations pregnancy and lactation. FortiFerrum®P has been developed to ensure the effectiveness of treatment thanks to its high absorption and bioavailability of its liposomal iron and is a product that has no side effects which significantly improve patient adherence to the treatment, besides to be presented in a practical format of powder with a very pleasant flavor.



FortiFerrum®P is an innovative and effective supplement of liposomal iron (ferric pyrophosphate) with high bioavailability and absorption that has a complete formulation including folic acid and vitamins suitable for iron and/or folic acid deficiency states, especially in situations of anaemia, pregnancy and lactation


FortiFerrum®P is presented in boxes of 30 sachets of 1,8 g. Each sachet has the equivalent to 30 mg of Elemental Iron.


Iron (ferric pyrophosphate Sunactive®);
Folic acid;
Vitamin B12;
Vitamin C;
Vitamin D3;
Soluble fiber.


Due the characteristics and advantages of FortiFerrum®P in the prevention and treatment of iron and folic acid deficiency disorders, the target groups to use this product are the following:

  • Pregnant woman: Take 1 sachet per day (WHO Recommendations = 30-60mg of iron daily + Folic acid)*
  • Adolescents and adults = Take 1 sachet per day (WHO Recommendations – 30-45mg of iron supplement daily)

* Pregnant women should follow medical recommendation

IMPORTANT: FortiFerrum®P is to be taken directly dropping the content into the mouth, or can be taken dissolving in water or juice.

Additional information

FortiFerrum®P has 3 years of shelf life.
FortiFerrum®P is approved by the EFSA and registered as a Food Supplement.


  • FortiFerrum®P an innovative and effective iron supplement composed by a highly bioavailable liposomal iron specially formulated with folic acid (Vitamin B9), vitamins and fiber suitable for iron and/or folic acid deficiency states, especially in situations pregnancy and lactation.
  • FortiFerrum®P does not cause gastric discomfort or reflux, because it is protected by a double lipid layer capable of supporting gastric acidity, allowing it to reach the intestinal tract in an integral way where it is absorbed correctly and thus avoid leaving a metallic taste which is very common on the intake of conventional iron supplements.
  • FortiFerrum®P also incorporates on its formula Vitamin C which optimizes the absorption of the iron, vitamin B12 that contributes to the formation of red blood cells, vitamin D3 that plays a fundamental role in the maintenance in normal functioning of bones, muscles and immune system, contributing to the correct absorption of calcium in our body, vitamin C a facilitator of iron absorption and a high content of soluble fiber which helps prevent constipation problems commonly associated with taking iron supplements.
  • FortiFerrum®P is an iron supplement with an innovative powder format that allows the intake directly without water, besides has a fantastic strawberry flavor that pleases all people but especially children since the product tastes like a caramel.
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