In A.E.I. 24 our priorities are human talent and permanent growth. Our goals are the quality and the excellence in the services we offer. We generate value to all our stakeholders based on the principles of corporate governance, leading out ethical and transparent business activities. Our commitment is to work tirelessly contributing to development and creating a better world for new generations.

We understand excellence as the ongoing management of our human talents, the contribution to business results from each of the operational areas, the capacity for teamwork, transparency in decision-making and the effective and human leadership, which means respect for people, recognizing their potential and trust. Thus, we reiterate our interest in positioning ourselves as a leading European firm within the pharmaceutical sector, committed to global health through our proposal for a universal export platform, international presence and projection.


Sales and Export Manager

In A.E.I.24 we have a team committed to generate new business experiences B2B (Business to Business) to those laboratories and local distributors willing to grow by our hand, and this motivates us to help and to support them with our products and services and contribute to their development. If what we have summarized above, makes sense to you and you would like join this team: contact us.

Operations Manager

The customer is our reason for being and, through the position of Director of Operations, we seek to generate memorable experiences, offering efficient service and building relationships in confidence that endure over time. If what we have summarized above it makes sense to you: Contact us.

Internship student

In A.E.I.24 we are convinced that we can provide our own contribution to building our country. For this reason, we are creating opportunities linking our company and the universities aiming to help students to reach their dreams, working together to achieve them. If you want to get professional experience related to your studies, we offer the possibility of an internship with us, always with a financial support, tutoring and time flexibility. Contact us.

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