HydrOculaire® is an innovative and effective product taken orally, indicated for the treatment of dry eye syndrome.
HydrOculaire® is composed by standardized extract of Aristotelia Chilensis (Maquibright®), which help stimulates the regeneration and production of normal lacrimal fluid, and zinc a mineral that is present in high concentrations in the eyes and contributes to the maintenance of vision under normal conditions.

The normalization and the increase of the tear fluids production helps improving the symptoms associated to the problem of ocular dryness, such as: irritation of the eyes, blurred vision, sensitivity of the light, etc.

HydrOculaire® increases ocular hydration, reducing the use of drops, which are often uncomfortable to use and, in many cases, require the help of another person to administer them.

HydrOculaire® constitutes an additional benefit for the ophthalmologist, since it does not interfere with the result of the treatment from other prescribed products, taking into account that it is a product taken orally.



HydrOculaire® is especially indicated for people suffering from dry eye syndrome, although it can also be used by people who suffer from dry eyes due to other reasons, such as unfavorable environmental conditions, heaters, air conditioning, and the use of computers or contact lenses. HydrOculaire® helps to increase ocular hydration thanks to the standardized extract of Aristotelia Chilensis (Maquibright®), which acts on the lacrimal glands, reversing the atrophy and increasing the formation of tear fluid.

The continuous use of HydrOculaire® stimulates the regeneration of normal tear fluid and increases the production of the lacrimal glands, contributing to the improvement of symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome, such as: irritation of the eyes, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, etc


HydrOculaire® is presented in a box with 30 tablets of 30mg from standard extract of Aristotelia Chilensis (Maquibright®).


Bulking agent: Microcrystalline cellulose (E 460), Extract standardized of AristoteliaChilensis (Maquibright®), Zinc oxide; Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone (E-1202); Anti-caking agents: Magnesium salts of fatty acids (E 470b), Silicon dioxide (E 551).

How to use

The recommended daily intake of HydrOculaire® is one tablet per day. In severe cases, the daily intake may be increased to two tablets per day. The product should be taken with water.

The use of HydrOculaire® reduces the use of eye drops that are often uncomfortable to use and, in many cases, require the help of another person to administer them.
HydrOculaire® does not interfere with the use of other ophthalmic products, since being a product used orally.

Additional information

HydrOculaire® has 3 years of shelf-life.

HydrOculaire® is a product approved and registered in the EU as a Food Supplement.


  • HydrOculaire® is an innovative product taken orally, which is indicated for dry eye syndrome. The use of HydrOculaire® is an advantage when compared to most of the current products available for the treatment of ocular dryness (eye drops).
  • HydrOculaire® is a practical and safe product, because it does not have any side effects.
  • HydrOculaire® is a natural supplement of standardized extract of Aristotelia Chilensis (Maquibright®) that has an efficacy in the increase of ocular hydration clinically proven through published studies (1,2).
  • The use of the standardized extract of Aristotelia Chilensis (Maquibright®) contributes to the increase in tear secretion by almost 50% in a 30-day oral treatment.
  • HydrOculaire® is a product easily recommended by the ophthalmologist or even by the pharmacists.
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