Sleeply® dreams is a product with a formula composed of melatonin and natural extracts of lemon balm and hawthorn, being indicated for insomnia problems, as well as contributing to relaxation and physical and mental well-being while maintaining a good cognitive functioning.

Sleeply® dreams decreases the time needed to fall asleep, helps relieve the subjective feeling of jet lag and contributes to a more restful and better quality sleep.

Sleeply® dreams acts in a few minutes after taking, is safe without presenting any side effects, and presented in powder format sachets with a fantastic apple flavor to take directly without dissolving in water.



Sleeply® dreams is indicated for all people with insomnia problems and who need to relax to have a more peaceful and restful sleep.


Sleeply® dreams is presented in a box with 30 orodispersable sachets for direct take.


Melatonin 1mg;
Hawthorn extract.

How to use

Sleeply® dreams: Take 1 about 30 min before bedtime by pouring the contents directly into the mouth without needing any liquids.

Additional information

Sleeply® dreams has a shelf life period of 36 months.

Sleeply® dreams is classified as a food supplement according to EU Regulation No 2002/46.


  • Sleeply® dreams is an effective and safe product to treat insomnia problems and contributes to relaxation for a more restful and better-quality sleep.
  • Sleeply® dreams acts in a few minutes after taking it and it is a practical product to use because it is taken directly without the need to dissolve it in water.
  • Sleeply® dreams is produced in the EU with the highest quality standards and comes in a package of 30 powdered sachets with a fantastic apple flavor that everyone likes.
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