Smoking is a chronic addictive disease caused mainly by nicotine one of its active components and maximum responsible for dependence. Each cigarette contains about 4,000 components and the smoker’s mouth receives 800 impacts from the smoke components by each packet of smoked cigarettes. These factors explain the effects of smoke on the mouth, on teeth, gums and periodontium as a whole, since it increases the risk of gingivitis and the progression of oral diseases.

DentYucral® Smokers is the only dentifrice with a specially developed composition to act effectively on the oral hygiene of the smokers, because it significantly reduces the damage caused by tobacco components.

DentYucral® Smokers helps in the maintenance and care of different parts of the smoker’s mouth, as well as helps combat bad breath, besides leaving the teeth with its natural brightness and whiteness.

DentYucral® Smokers is a dentifrice specially developed for an oral hygiene and care of smokers recommended by dental experts.



DentYucral® Smokers is indicated for smokers who want to perform a specific oral care which allows them to maintain optimal hygiene against the components of tobacco.


DentYucral® Smokers has 3 commercial presentations:

  • Toothpaste with 75ml, enough for 75 uses.
  • Dental Spray with 10ml, enough for 50 uses.
  • Mouthwash with 250 ml and 500 ml.


Sorbitol, Hydrated silica, Tetrapotassium pyrophosphate, Aloe barbadenses leaf serum, Sodium lauryl sulfate, Flavoring, Sodium monofluorophosphate, Cellulose gum, Panthenol, Sodium sacharine, Allantoin, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Calcium glycerophosphate, Cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC), Sodium benzoate, Potassium sorbate, Limonene.

Additional information

DentYucral® Smokers has a shelf life of 36 months.

DentYucral® Smokers is registered as cosmetic and notified on the CPNP.


  • DentYucral® Smokers has been specially formulated to help the smoker perform a daily cleaning and bucco-dental care. The effectiveness of its active principles allows to act on the affected parts (teeth, gums and breaths) helping the smokers to maintain a healthy mouth and bright teeth.
  • DentYucral® Smokers helps to avoid the bad breath of the smoker fighting against its main cause and curbing with prolonged effectiveness the proliferation of aerobic bacteria. In addition, DentYucral® Smokers also cleans the smoke elements attached on dental surface and has a pleasant peppermint flavor which refreshes the breath.
  • DentYucral® Smokers addresses the needs of aesthetic and oral hygiene of smokers by keeping their mouths attractive, as well as performing a special action against the alterations caused by tobacco.
  • DentYucral® Smokers is available in 3 presentations: Toothpaste for a complete oral care at home performed through the brushing process, a Dental Spray to maintain optimal hygiene and oral care away from home and a new mouthwash that helps complete cleansing process and dental care for smokers.
  • DentYucral® Smokers is a toothpaste recommended by dental experts of all countries where is present.
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