To reinforce our offer of innovative and advanced products, AEI24 has signed an exclusive international collaboration agreement with tellmeGen™, one of the most prestigious companies in the EU in personal genetic solutions. From now on, all our partners interested in distributing exclusively tellmeGen™ in their country, will be able to offer their clients high quality services in advanced genetics for personalized medicine. Personalized medicine is the medicine of the future and genetics is the gateway to personalized medicine.

About tellmeGen™

tellmeGen™ is a company in the forefront of technology, medicine and genetics that is constantly evolving, which is specialized in the development of personal genetic solutions for the individual, providing highly objective and informative results for clients around the world, who help everyone world to live a better life.

The company’s fundamental commitment to society is “that anyone can have access to their genetic information in an easy, up-to-date way and at an affordable price”, so that they can make better health decisions in the future for the benefit of the quality of life.

Personal genetic analysis is the process of identifying genetic susceptibilities that have been tested and can increase the risk of developing certain diseases. By identifying personal genetic traits, we are able to offer information that can help people make decisions for a better lifestyle.

tellmeGen™ is a committed, professional and upright company, which continues to make considerable investments in R&D, because it firmly believes that its products can promote a better future. All products and services are of the highest quality and reliability, in addition to the fact that the company respects, above all, the privacy and confidentiality of customers and their data, complying with current laws and with strict security protocols and data encryption.

With a team of world-class physicians, geneticists, and bioinformatics, tellmeGen™ also offers a post-test counseling and follow-up service, called “Genetic Counseling,” with the goal of maximizing the benefits derived from obtaining your result,s because Tomorrow’s health begins with the information provided today.

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