Genetics is the science that studies biological inheritance, that is, the mechanism of transmission of biological characters from generation to generation and how they are manifested in each person.

Biological inheritance is found in the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) present in each of our cells. Each of us is born with a unique genetic code, which is a package of instructions stored inside our cells and containing instructions that tell our bodies how it should work.

The complete instruction package for our DNA (also called the genome) is divided into 23 volumes of information, known as chromosomes, which we inherited from our parents. Each chromosome is made up of thousands of genes, which are the corresponding instructions that your body has to do.


On April 14, 2003, the Human Genome Project was successfully completed with 99% of the genomes sequenced, with an accuracy of 99.99%. The genetic test allows knowing the precise sequences of the genetic material of each individual, enabling this knowledge to health professionals to forecast and / or diagnose disorders and diseases.


Family history can play a very important role in the genetic map, but in each person DNA is unique and knowing the genetic predisposition it is possible to start taking care of health in a different way.

Knowing genetic inheritance is an intelligent way to prevent and take care of health and thanks to pharmacogenetics it is possible to know to what extent medicines can benefit health by improving quality of life.

Personalized medicine is the medicine of the future, and genetics is the door to personalize medicine. With the tellmeGen™ DNA test it is possible to know in detail a large number of aspects that were previously unknown and the susceptibility to suffer a large part of the known diseases, in order to take the necessary measures and prevent or prevent their development in the future.

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