• Rhinozyn® has 3 randomized clinical trials published reporting improvements in a total of 305 subjects treated;
  • The results shows a significant reduction of clinical symptoms of perennial rhinitis
  • Compelling improvement of quality of life (RQLQ) in seasonal rhinitis
  • Helps stimulating the Th1 immune response and reducing IgE synthesis
  • The addiction of Vitamin D help modulates the immune response and is associated with aeroallergen sensitization and allergic rhinitis;
  • Is the product with highest clinical efficacy amongst probiotic treatments for allergic rhinitis.

Overall conclusion:

  • Significant evidence of beneficial clinical effects of Rhinozyn® in the treatment of allergic rhinitis;
  • Adjunctive therapy with Rhinozyn® can be recommended for the treatment of allergic rhinitis;
  • Meta-analysis proves Rhinozyn® to be the leading probiotic treatment for allergic rhinitis.



Rhinozyn® is a natural solution to restore the allergic immune system adding on therapy for seasonal rhinitis or to be used in “preperation“ for allergic season (e.g. 1 month before pollen season starts).
Note: Rhinozyn® is contraindicated in immunosuppressed patients.


Rhinozyn® is presented in a box with 30 capsules.

How to use

  • Take one capsule per day for 1 month and repeat treatment if symptoms remain;
  • Rhinozyn® can be taken alone or add-on to other pharmacotherapy.

Additional Information

Rhinozyn® has a shelf life of 24 months.

Rhinozyn® is a product approved and registered in the EU as a Food Supplement.


  • Indicated to the most frequent allergic disease;
  • Is a unique combination of patented probiotic strains selected for the treatment of allergic rhinitis and for restoring the allergic immune system;
  • The addition of Vitamin D helps to improve the normal function of the immune system and inflammatory response
  • Acts reducing both eye and nasal symptoms in perennial rhinitis;
  • Improving quality of life during allergy season (even in subjects using pharmacotherapy);
  • Is a natural alternative to pharmacotherapy or add-on to antihistaminic;
  • Is clinically tested in children & adults;
  • Is the most efficient probiotic solution available for the treatment of allergic rhinitis;
  • Pharmacy exclusive
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