• DERMALACZYN® has a randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial (RCT), which demonstrates significant reduction in clinical symptoms of atopic dermatitis in children;
  • The product has additional 3 RCTs published demonstrating improvements of other allergy symptoms;
  • Stimulating the Th1 immune response (INF-γ) and reducing key mediators (IL-4 & IgE) of allergic response
  • The Vitamin D included on its formulation helps modulates the immune response and also helps alleviating symptoms of atopic dermatitis;



DERMALACZYN®   is a natural solution to add on the therapy of Atopic Dermatitis, in order to help reducing the symptoms and improving quality of life in children or adults suffering from AD.


DERMALACZYN® is presented in a box with 30 lozenges or box with 30 sachets (powder).

How to use

  • Presentation lozenges:
    • for children above 3 years of age
    • once a day
  • Presentation in sachets (powder)
    • children under 3 years of age
    • once a day
  • It can be combined with emollient & topical corticosteroids

Additional Information

DERMALACZYN® has a shelf life of 24 months.

DERMALACZYN® is a product approved and registered in the EU as a Food Supplement.


  • Targeting the most frequent allergic disease in children
  • Unique combination of patented probiotic strains specifically selected for the treatment of atopic dermatitis and for restoring the allergic immune system
  • The addition of Vitamin D helps to improve the normal function of the immune system and inflammatory response
  • 50% less allergy symptoms (pruritus, sleep loss, redness, swelling)
  • Less emotional stress
  • Alternative or add-on therapy to corticosteroids
  • Clinically tested in children
  • High acceptance in children
  • Pharmacy exclusive
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