The Bio-Intelligent cosmetic is an innovative skincare technology based on micro-ingredients endowed with own capability to detect and target specific cells. Bio-intelligent technology works as a GPS device, driving the micro-ingredients to the core of the target cells. All the development behind Bio-intelligent cosmetic was developed based upon clinical advances of Regenerative Medicine.

These advances due to Regenerative Medicine and Surgery have brought medical science a step ahead of the previous medical concept of repairing damaged human organism and replacing from outside what is no longer functioning in the human body, because regeneration stimulates the human body to produce new young cells, new tissues and even new organs.

Donna® SkinCare is an innovative line of cosmetics for beauty and skin care, that incorporates in its composition a technology based on bio-intelligent micro-ingredients with own ability to detect and target specific cells, which increase the action and effectiveness of the products.

With the increase in the demand for a more youthful and beautiful appearance, the bio-intelligent cosmetics like the Donna® SkinCare products seems to be the way of the future for the treatment of bio-aesthetics.


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