DentYucral® Brightness is a dentifrice of high capacity of cleaning and whitening that brings back to the teeth its whiteness and natural brightness.

DentYucral® Brightness has in its composition cleaning particles of different sizes and hardness, capable of adapting to the various characteristics of the substances adhered to the dental enamel, being able to dissolve them with softness, giving back to the teeth its natural brightness and whiteness.

The effectiveness of DentYucral® Brightness and its whitening action can be seen since the first cleaning. After 5 days the teeth recover its whiteness and natural brightness without damaging the dental enamel, as can occur with whitening products containing hydrogen peroxide.



DentYucral® Brightness is indicated for all people who want to recover the whiteness and natural shine of their teeth in a fast, simple and safe way.


DentYucral® Brightness is presented in a very practical and easy to transport round box, with 5 gr of toothpaste powder.


DentYucral® Brightness has the following ingredients in its composition: Calcium carbonate, alumina, silica, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium monofluor phosphate, vitamin C, thyme, aloe vera, triclosan, sodium perborate, allantoin, sodium bicarbonate, witch hazel, chamomile and menthol.

Additional information

DentYucral® Brightness has a validity period of 36 months.

DentYucral® Brightness is registered as a cosmetic and notified in the CPNP.


  • DentYucral® Brightness offers an immediate effect from the first use with maximum efficiency after 5 days of applications.
  • DentYucral® Brightness is a safe product that helps recover the whiteness and natural shine of the teeth without damaging the enamel, as can occur with bleaching products that contain hydrogen peroxide.
  • DentYucral® Brightness takes care of and protects the gums by reducing the causes that facilitate the appearance of gingivitis to ensure good oral hygiene during the bleaching treatment.
  • DentYucral® Brightness has an antiplaque and antiseptic action that helps to eliminate plaque and tartar formation as well as helping to fight caries and the causes that cause bad breath.
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